This is life – let’s be ALIVE

By day I’m a software developer, by night I am a poet, artist and furniture builder.  They are nearly the same thing except one tends to physically manifest itself more.  Both require focus, dedication, planning and purpose.  However one is definitely more technical than the other.   I have many goals for Birchwood August, but there are two  that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

In no particular order.

First, I want my family involved – I want to build a business that my wife & children can participate in.  With a technical career working with computers it’s difficult to involve non technical individuals, but with a hands-on endeavor like we’re pursuing with Birchwood August it’s approachable .  With lifestyle products such as home decor and furniture there are many ways my entire family can contribute.

Second, Birchwood August is devoted to serving people (not just customers) with excellence.  The way you live your life makes a difference, and when we can help you connect to those you love using furniture and decor – when we can bring people together as family, community and friends – everyone’s life is better.

We’re old fashioned in many ways, especially when it comes to valuing doing right by God, family and friends above all else. So, we’re planting our flag and writing our manifesto! We are here to serve you in whatever way you need most.  If that is via Birchwood August that’s great!  But if you need a friendly face or ear to bend we’re here for that as well.   Being Christ followers and by living in relationship with the source of all Life gives us a unique perspective and a love for our fellow humankind that transcends mere business.  This is life – let’s be ALIVE!


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