The Next Thing

My feet are in the mud.  Actually I’m sitting down at the computer in the dining room.  It’s 7:42pm and I’m pondering the question, “The Next Thing.”  But metaphorically my feet are in the mud, and each step is a slow slog forward.  I have so many ideas banging around my head, so little time, so little space (a garage is not a studio) to work in.

So what’s the next thing?  Let’s see, what do we have percolating in the pot… A walnut and white hutch, another cast iron base table, hand lettered and painted signs, coasters (why am I so hung up on stupid coasters?)  I’d like to make a trestle style farm table with the 2×6 oak barn wood I have . Coat hook bars – I need to find some really interesting cast iron hooks – I don’t like the Ikea one’s I have.


I have a ton of cool looking shiplap that I’m struggling to find a use for.  It has grooves in it which disqualify it for a table top – that would be annoying.  Maybe I should look into filling it with some epoxy.  Hmm…

One idea I’ve had is for a laptop or tablet case made from the shiplap + canvas or old blue jeans.  This idea is either a disaster in the making or super awesome – I can’t decide which.  I do know that I have to make at least one to find out.  Shiplap Laptop… that has a special sounding ring to it.

I have a collection of thorny black locust boards that I’d like to make charcuterie boards out of.   It’s very very hard and will polish up nicely – just what you want in a charcuterie board.  But… doing some research on toxicity for black locust reveals, “black locust bark will kill a mule.”  Not what you want in a charcuterie board.


Black locust bark will kill a mule.

So I can’t really answer the question, “The Next Thing.”  Lydia and I are just on this journey of life together and it’s more like a beautiful mess than a specific plan.  But we believe that as long as we trust in God and walk in relationship with His Son that the details will take care of themselves.


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