All of Life is Art

I am a lover of art and life – addicted to all things optimistic. I am a painter and a poet, a craftsman and computer programmer. All of life is art and our hands: brushes – let us go forth and paint.

Around my home are paintings that I have painted.  Some are 20 years old, some are brand new.  In my garage are antique boards from homes in Tennessee that were built in the 1800s and dismantled in the last decade or two.  At work I sit in a room in a building that pre-dates the civil war, at a desk made in this millennium from sawdust, using an aluminium computer to create computer code to sell gold that has been used by people to store wealth for thousands of years.

I love all the pretty things, and there’s nothing prettier than when computer code comes together to elegantly solve problems. Or when a paint brush glides across a canvas leaving behind a reminder that someone made a decision to place that mark there. Or when a piece of wood has been transformed into something functionally beautiful.

In other words, all of life is art.  Taking this approach allows me to be an artisan no matter what endeavor I happen to be engaged in at the moment.  I’m happiest when I give my all, my best, when creating.


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