Birchwood August

We get the question, “Why did you choose Birchwood August for your brand?”

Invariably “August” is pronounced like the month but this is wrong.  The emphasis should be on the second syllable.  Go ahead and try it – say it aloud.  It sounds funny, but it’s a wonderful word.  Respected.  Acclaimed.  Stately.  Grand.

But birchwood?  Well, we wanted something that would evoke the image of something rustic, hand-crafted in the countryside or on a farm.

Welcome to Birchwood August, this is our vision of a new category of decor we’re calling Grand Farmhouse.

We reclaim and repurpose antique materials into future antiques for your grandchildren.  Sometimes we’re using reclaimed materials that are not antique and we promise to always be up front about this.  We will always have a story to tell because we love telling stories, but we won’t mislead.

This is our fresh new purpose.  To take the old and discarded – to see the beauty hidden under layers of dirt and rust and to coax it forth by refreshing, reclaiming and repurposing.  We believe it is a worthwhile endeavor to uncover the hidden beauty in the world around us.

I’m pretty sure I have my own layers of rust and dirt.  There’s a spiritual lesson here somewhere.  Something about the way Jesus Christ gave me His beauty in spite of myself.


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