Good haul of old Barnwood

About a month ago we met with some friends who are the descendants of a family who has  had a family farm in Jefferson County Kansas for the past century.  About 20 or 30 years ago they disassembled the barn after a storm blew through and damaged it beyond repair.

After stumbling around in the dark (note to self, take a flashlight on these excursions), I found some wood, haggled (nicely – they are friends after all) and loaded it up in the rusty dent of a truck I have and headed home.

At home I cut into one of the boards (note to self, take the DeWalt Battery powered saw next time!) and my heart leapt – solid, rough cut walnut.  Another board (2×6) was oak.

We got so excited we went back a couple of weeks later and got more.  I forgot the flashlight and saw and tape measure.  Ridiculous.


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